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HALİKARNAS DİSCO FOTO GALERİHistory of Halikarnas The Club Halikarnas The Club first opened in 1979 and quickly became the forerunner of Bodrum and Turkey’s nightlife.

With its spectacular location, world class entertainment, shows, luxurious atmosphere and first-class service, Halikarnas is not only unique, but one of the most beautiful clubs in the world. At Halikarnas, customer satisfaction, quality of service and best value for money has always been its mission.




Bodrum Halikarnas Party

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That is why Halikarnas is still one of the best clubs ever. Halikarnas is proud of the fact that it has been operating for 30 years bringing top artists, djs and celebrities to Bodrum. In the clubbing world such a great history is almost exclusive. Halikarnas was the first establishment who brought the world quality entertainment concept to the Turkish Tourism Industry.

Halikarnas “The Club” is one of the amazing open-air clubs in the world with a capacity of 5000 guests. Its design is a combination of ancient and modern world. It is situated right by the water and has two entrances; by boat through the pier or by land. The scenery from the club is marvelous; while people dance they can enjoy the Aegean Sea and the medieval castle (St. Peter’s Castle) right across.

In history of Halikarnas we can name some celebrities who had been a guest of Halikarnas: Mick Jagger, Bette Midler, Dustin Hoffman, Princess Caroline, Princess Margareth, Lady Sarah Armstrong, Rockefellers, Valentino, Richard Bronson (Virgin Records), Designer Ferre, Phil Collins, Michael Caine, Blues Brothers The Original, Mr. Mc Donald (Hamburger King), Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock, etc… It had hosted many national and international events; e.g. “Miss Globe Pageant in ‘88″.

This season, the famous “Halikarnas Show Group” have produced 15 different stage shows to entertain and delight our guests. They are able to perform all kinds of stage shows including musicals, cabarets etc…

The amazing “Laser Show” produced by the world biggest and most powerful argon laser machine will continue to mesmerize the Halikarnas guests in 2004. Our green laser beams can project within a circle of 30 km and will invite you to Bodrum’s temple of entertainment.

The Hip-Hop Dance group is on every night with their great show and an even greater show on Wednesdays.

We are proud to host the crazy “Foam Parties” which, once again, will attract thousands of fun-seeking holiday makers in Bodrum.

Weekly promotianal events such as “Ladies Night” will continue throughout the season 2004 with additional surprises and shows.

What some famous people and the press had to say about Halikarnas The Club;